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  Gao Rong cosmetics, is located in the city of jinhua -the traffice hub city of Zhejiang,which named  "Baigong town" in the ancient ,as well as the "livable city" in China. Gao Rong cosmetics was founded in 2011, is a company with three independent brands  cosmetics enterprises;  Our team which not only to find the beauty but also create the wealth ; We has the international advanced cosmetics research center with  the perfect technology and the combination of Chinese and Western culture ,science and Manicure makeup, art  to supply the best product and service to customers.

   After several years of operation, Gao Rong cosmetics has grown into one of the most influential enterprises in China. We have developed from a pure OEM to a body's large-scale cosmetics company with technical training, joining chain, independent brands, E-commerce, R&D, ODM  and foreign import and export trading . After years of operation, Gaorong cosmetics has been known as "the most influential enterprises makeup"  enterprise in China.

  Our products have been covered nearly 30 domestic provinces and municipalities, autonomous regions, and set up hundreds of branches, and the Hong Kong branch, dubai branch, we have our own independent scientific research, production and talent training base.  in the beautiful scenery and livable city of jinhua , we have built area of 20000 square meters of modern large-scale OEM/ODM production research and development base, we imported the best raw materials from French durlin and Filabila . Moreoverwe have cooperation with many famous companies in France, South Korea, the United States, Australia. So far, the enterprise's customer chain has exceeded 20000, and the creation product sales has exceeded 100 million.

  We have a set with the international leading unique marketing model and the perfect service ability. We have a professional team of excellence, strict management, product equipment, eclecticism to create  "BEST NAIL PRODUCTS TO FEMALE”. Under the research and influence of The western and Oriental culture if nail ,we make the perfect combination into  a new fashion nail art culture.

    We are constantly explore the demands of female for nail art, paying attention to the frontier science and technology, innovation as well as product research. Gaorong cosmetics will let you to be the best of yourself!

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